App leiðbeiningar

App guidelines

Lagarlíf conference app is now available to install onto your smart phone or tablet.

The mobile app contains a variety of useful information, including networking, agendas, exhibitor searches, messages, and notifications. For most attendees, you can download and install your mobile app from your Android or Apple App Store.
NOTE: you are NOT able to get full use of the app until you have registered and received you PIN number.


1. Search for EVENTSAIR from your Android or Apple App Store. 
     See direct links below.

For Android – Play store

For iPhone – apple store

2. Install the App.
3. The first time you open the app, you will need to enter this event code: Lag2023.
     Your app opens.
     For the next step you need to have completed your registration to the conference
4.  To be able to get the full use of the app, 
    press  Log in and enter your e-mail address ( you used in your registration)  and
     four-digit APP Pin ( You will get your PIN number with your registration    confirmation letter) If not contact us at
    Once this is done, you are all set.

Please be aware that the app is still under development so expect frequent updates until the conference starts.