Land Based Aquaculture

Friday the 13th of October in Gullteig at 09:00

Jón Kjartan Jónsson, Framkvæmdastjóri, Samherji Fiskeldi

With expected high demand for salmon products in the future. There will be market  for Salmon from different farming methods. Land based farming can provide quality products in to this market and earn it place as a sustainable option from  more controlled environment than the traditional farming for the salmon. Land-based farming holds potential for more growth and less seasonal production.

Land based farming needs higher investment cost than traditional farming and this is a project for the industry to work with and puts pressure on the operators to deliver good results.

Iceland holds a natural competitive advantage in the world for land-based salmon farming, providing natural condition globally unique. In Reykjanes peninsula and Olfus, where most og the land-based salmon farms are located and planned, being close to export ports and international airport, availability of green energy for a competitive price, abundance of fresh water and known technology to pump filtered seawater from boreholes to the farms.  We have unique opportunity to use these advantage and put Iceland in the front seat of land based salmon farming over the next decade