Mest Shipyard – MEST – and active player in the development of the Faroese Aquculture Industry

Friday the 13th of October in Gullteigur at 13:20

Richard Mortensen, Head of Sales and Procurement at MEST, Faroe Islands

MEST has over the last 20 years been an important player in developing the Faroese Aquaculture Industry. MEST’s stainless steel workshop and shipyards with 450 employees have over the years delivered solutions to Bakkafrost, Hiddenfjord and MOWI. MEST has contributed to the Faroese salmon industry’s great progress through the development and construction in all important areas – such as smolt stations, catamaran workboats, feeder barges, transportation, delousing, harvesting and processing plants.
I 2021 MEST built the first 100% battery driven catamaran workboat in the Faroes for Bakkafrost. For further info please see: