Growing global demand for seafood – seafood farming the way forward

Thursday 12th of October in Gullteig at 10:30

Andre Akse, General Manager of NSFA

Salmon Farming changed the seafood distribution in Europe, and global demand for farmed salmon continues to grow globally while caged farmed supply is being limited. Increasing prices will challenge existing European seafood distribution, but alternative farming methods for salmon and other seafood products is the only way to maintain current economics. Since 2005 the top executives in the seafood industry have gathered annually at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), in Bergen, to exchange knowledge on how the industry is progressing. Andre is the general manager of NASF and will present some of the priority issues that have been discussed recently at NASF.

Farmed salmon has become the main fresh fish product in Europe and in retail sales in the US. European retail, European consumers and the processing industry depends heavily on good availability of farmed salmon.

Increased interest for fresh, farmed salmon from China and in the US, is pushing salmon prices up to unseen levels. The salmon market has become demand driven. Supply can no longer match the demand growth.

Farmed salmon as a retail product in Europe is starting to lose market share. Producers should focus attention to maximize production to avoid further volume stagnation. The comparative market position is more important than company market share. Only through cooperation and “best practice” will it be possible to compensate the strong demand growth.