Blue Ocean Technology

Friday the 13th of October in Gullteigur at 14:30

Knut Antonsen, Product developer / co-founder Blue Ocean Technology

What if it was possible to achieve true circular economy in aquaculture sludge? To have local solutions that bind carbon and produce heat and energy. And the end result is a commodity with actual sales value? It is possible. Right now.

Blue Ocean Technology is the aquaculture sludge specialist. With solutions developed specifically for the aquaculture industry, and not adapted to.

Dewatering and drying
We offer state of the art compact and very energy efficient systems for dewatering and drying slude. Delivered in containers (Plug&Farm®) or free standing indoors.

We offer sludge-as-a-service. Enabling you to focus on core operations, while we deal with your sludge.

The (no longer) missing piece in making sludge profitable

• Reduce sludge volume considerably, into a valuable end product (biochar)

• Extract considerable amount of energy from the process

• Produce your own no-emission power