Friday 13th of October in Hateigur at 11:20

Steinar Wasmuth, CEO Bioretur AS

Join us for an engaging presentation by Steinar Wasmuth, where we explore the innovative solutions provided by Bioretur for efficient Fish Sludge handling in Iceland. With years of experience serving some of the largest salmon farmers worldwide, we’re here to revolutionize the way you view sludge management in the aquaculture industry.

• The Bioretur Advantage: Discover why investing in high-risk equipment and allocating valuable personnel resources may no longer be the optimal solution. Bioretur offers a game-changing alternative with a fixed monthly fee, ensuring peace of mind and operational efficiency.

• Turning Sludge Challenges into Opportunities: We’ll delve into how Bioretur’s solution can be a catalyst for Icelandic fish farmers. Learn how managing sludge can not only be streamlined but also become an opportunity for increased sustainability and profitability.

• Sustainability & Environmental Benefits: Understand how our 3P-Guarantee works. Bioretur is committed to helping Iceland’s aquaculture industry become more sustainable and ecologically responsible.

This presentation is a must-attend for anyone in the Icelandic aquaculture industry!