To our sponsors!

Dear supporters of Aqua Ice 2024.

We have published a draft program HERE for the conference in Harpa at 8th and 9th of October.

Gold sponsors will be considered for sessions in the main conference schedule, depending on their relevance to the topic at hand.

Alternatively, gold and silver sponsors can book a meeting facility at “Ríma” right next to the exhibition hall for 55 guests for up to one hour at no extra charge. These will be booked on a first-come first-serve basis.

Stands will be available on second floor, at the corridor against the conference halls. Stand will also be available for gold and silver supporters in Flói, where the catering service will be provided. 

Be welcome to participate in Aqua Ice (Lagarlif) in Harpa 8th and 9th of October.

Gunnar Thordarson, manager
Phone: +354-8585110