To our guests!

Dear friends and supporters of Aqua Ice (Lagarlíf) conference 2024

Registration for the conference at Harpa on the 8th and 9th of October is now available on our website HERE

We have published a draft program HERE aswell.

The challenges facing the fast-growing aquaculture industry in the coming years will mainly be fourfold:

  • Economic and environmental impact of aquaculture
  • Animal welfare
  • Regulatory issues and public participation
  • Supply of feed

We will focus on these issues at Harpa.

Environmental concerns in aquaculture have been a major point of conflict in Iceland. Salmon, as a sustainable protein source, holds great importance for feeding the Earth’s inhabitants in the future, placing significant responsibility on the industry. The supply of sustainable feed-ingredients for aquaculture will be a key challenge in the upcoming years.

Animal welfare is not only a pressure from the public and consumers of farmed fish but also a crucial economic concern for farmers. Regulation in Nordic aquaculture will be the main theme of Aqua Ice 2024. While it is essential to have a sensible framework for the industry, it must be shaped by public interests rather than driven by political ideology.

These challenges will be addressed through new technology and collaborations with our suppliers and service providers. We will dedicate one seminar to new technology in aquaculture.

Above all, we aim for Aqua Ice to be informative, useful, and, not least, entertaining! We invite you to join us at Aqua Ice (Lagarlif) at Harpa on the 8th and 9th October.

Gunnar Thordarson, manager
Phone: +354-8585110