Side Product from secondary processing

Klukkan 09:30 í Hvammi Dennis Lohmann, Head of Technology Management, BAADER For more than 100 years, BAADER has been developing processing solutions for the seafood industry, thereby ensuring optimized processing of valuable raw protein resource. However, the potential and efficiency of automated solutions are not infinite despite the advancement of automated, integrated, and digitalized processing […]

SubChilling of Salmon

Klukkan 10:00 í Hvammi Sæmundur Elíasson, verkefnastjóri, Matís Aqua-Farming companies in the Nordic countries have increasingly adopted supershilling of fish after slaughtering. Salmon/trout is then cooled quickly after slaughter and gutting below 0 °C, which both increases shelf life and has a significant positive effect on product quality. Superchilling is one of the prerequisites for […]

Secondary processing of salmon

Klukkan 09:45 í Hvammi Matti Isohätälä, Hätälä Marketing and product development of fish for market attractiveness and profitability. Trends and consumer behavior and value-adding of fish products. Segmentation and finding ways to have more footholds with differentiation combining salmon and other fish side-products for better productivity.

How waterjets increase automation and value generation in the salmon industry

Klukkan 09:00 í Hvammi Halldór Thorkelsson, Marel This introduction will cover the wide range of waterjets Marel offers for both Pre-rigor and Post-rigor salmon filleting, trimming, and portioning. Including the value proposition of each application and how it can increase value generation and efficiency