Ice Fish Farm – Búlandstindur – ISA – a Painful Leap to Vital Improvements

Thursday the 12th of October in Gallerí at 16:20 Vidar Aspehaug, Fish Health Manager Ice Fish Farm got ISA in 2021 and has gone through a period with extensive investments to rid the virus and to reduce the risk of being infected again. Improvements have been implemented, and further improvements are still ongoing. Where did […]

Artic Fish

Thursday the 12th of October in Gallerí at 15:00

Eimur – Sludge dewatering in Iceland – what to do and what not to do?

Thursday the 12th of October in Háteigur, at 16:40 Karen Mist Kristjánsdóttir Aquaculture sludge (uneaten feed and faeces) is a growing side stream in Iceland. It can be challenging to handle, and research is needed to further examine its potential. The first step towards utilization is the collection which now often entails a dewatering process […]

Icelava Export

Friday the 13th of October on Hateigur at 11:00 Samson Dirrar, Benchmark Oxygen Solutions

Bigman AB – Filter fabrics for aquaculture applicationsBigman AB –

Friday the 13th of October in Gullteigur at 13:10 Magnus Hoffaman, CEO of Bigman AB Short summary of our offerings and examples of filter fabrics from Bigman and Sefar that are used in aquaculture. As a central filter medium precision woven filter fabrics from Sefar are found at several steps in Aquaculture. From 10 – […]

Oh! – what a gut feeling!

Thursday the 12th of October in Gullteigur at 15:45 Ólafur I. Sigurgeirsson, Háskólinn á Hólum The demand for aquaculture feed is continually increasing. Therefore, it is an urgent need to find sustainable and cost-effective raw materials for fish and crustacean diets. Substitution of raw materials of marine origin with other sources, from plants, single cell […]


Friday the 13th of October in Háteigur at 13:00 Agnar Aadland, Moss Hydro The development of our new filter element, which has led to our unique fully automatic compact filter solution.


Friday the 13th of October in Gullteigur at 13:00 Vebjørn Andreassen

Iceland´s potential as the future global for high-tech sustainable microalgae cultivation.

Friday the 12th of October in Gullteigur at 09:45 Svavar Halldórsson, Algalíf In many ways, Iceland is ideal for the cultivation of microalgae. A clean environment, green energy, abundance of natural water, educated population and general widespread entrepreneurial spirit give the country a competitive edge. There are great future possibilities in the industry, both in […]